What is a PayPal Billing Agreement?

A PayPal Billing Agreement (also called a "Reference Transaction" by PayPal) is a way of pre-authorizing Microtronix to charge you for your purchases, making it easier for you to pay us, and getting your orders online faster!

In regular PayPal transactions each time you pay you must visit the PayPal site to complete your payment and send us your funds. However, if you have a Billing Agreement in place, this is not needed. Microtronix will automatically be able to charge your PayPal account without any further action on your part. In that sense, it's the same as if you had left a credit card number on file with us.

Since PayPal Billing Agreements give you both the convenience and speed of a credit card payment, while also letting you control the source of funds for your payment, we encourage our customers to set them up. Nevertheless, Billing Agreements can also be easily cancelled at any time should you choose to pay for your order in some other way.

Please Note: With a PayPal Billing Agreement selected as your method of payment, you will be charged immediately and automatically for any new invoice or order.

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