New IPs Availability

We are happy to announce we now offer IP ranges up to a full /24 with all dedicateds and Colocation orders! Using our online order form for Dedicated and Colocation services, you can select from a /30 all the way up to a full /24 right from the order form! The more IPs you order, the cheaper they are per IP even!!

15th May 2024
New Outgoing SMTP rules

As of February 9th, 2024, we have instituted new outgoing mail policy and guidelines for all IPs on our network, please view our knowledgebase article at the link below for more details:

Outgoing SMTP / Email Servers

9th Feb 2024
Remote power and KVM for all dedicated orders

Starting immediately all dedicated rental customers now have full power, reboot, and KVM access to their dedicated servers at Microtronix! Here you can remotely power on/off, reboot, and KVM into your server and re-install the OS, troubleshoot, etc.! All from within our billing panel!

11th Oct 2023
Secure IPMI/BMC VLAN and Access for Colocation Customers

We now offer, free of charge for all colo customers, a private iDrac VLAN for secure access to your servers iDrac and BMC/IPMI interfaces. This private access puts your BMC/iDrac interfaces on a separate private VLAN, only accessible to our TenantOS servers. You would then get a user to TenantOS where you can run power commands and KVM for your ... Read More »

11th Oct 2023
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