• Intel Dual Xeon L5420

    Från $79.00/mo
    • Please note, this server is pro-rated to the 9th of every month, if you order after the 9th you will be billed a small amount of next month for the pro-rate ahead of time.

      -Dual Xeon L5420 (2 x 4 Cores x 2.5Ghz)

      -1Gbps with 20TB of Bandwidth

      -8GB RAM

      120GB HDD
      -1x120GB SSD

      -1x2000GB HDD

      -5 free IPv4's
  • Intel Dual Xeon L5630

    Från $89.00/mo
    • -Dual Xeon L5630 (2 x 4 Cores x 2.13Ghz)

      -1Gbps with 20TB of Bandwidth

      -24GB RAM

      -1x500GB HDD

      -5 free IPv4's

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