Microtronix is proud to announce we now offer full Bitcoin based subscriptions available to all customer's effective immediately! The new Bitcoin subscription interface works for any customer at all, regardless of current payment method or if you've ever paid us with Bitcoins!

How does it work you ask? Simple. Simply login to the client billing area, click on Billing in the menu bar at the top then click on Bitcoin Subscription in the resulting menu.

The screen that comes up will tell you if you've ever setup Bitcoin subscriptions before. If you haven't it will give you the option of clicking continue to setup subscriptions for your account. Click continue and you will get back a Bitcoin Address to send all future Bitcoins to at anytime at all!

Return to this page at anytime in the future to see your Address and our current exchange rate. Note: Our exchange rates are gathered from BitPay directly, they update every 5 minutes on the mark.

Anytime you want just send Bitcoins to this address provided. Our system checks it and automatically add's the Bitcoins you sent, at the current exchange rate, to your WHMCS account in the form of Credit. You will receive an email as soon as this happens, we require 1 confirmation for the addition. This credit is then available at anytime to apply to any due invoice. Any newly created invoices will automatically be paid using this credit that you have available.

It's as simple as that!

Note: We do not offer the ability to pay for Dedicated servers using account credit. Dedicated servers must be paid for using BitPay if you desire to pay with Bitcoins. Thank you for understanding. All other services be it VPS, shared hosting, certificates, anything other than Dedicated servers can be paid for with account credits.

Четверг, Март 19, 2015

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