Happy New Year to all Microtronix customers! We wish you all the best in your new year business endevours and those to come!

Microtronix has some great news about new billing options that we now offer and the great services in store for this next year.

Credit Card Processing

If you paid by credit card and had your card stored for future billing, you might have noticed in the past few weeks we removed the feature. Unfortunately we realized that Braintree wasn't working out for us for credit card processing. We removed the feature and started looking for a new processing company. I am please to announce we now have re-activated plain Credit Card payments and Storage through our client portal.

This is 100% activate and ready to be used for all future billing/payments. Currently all customers have PayPal selected as a default for those who had Credit Card processing before. If you would like to go back to Credit Card processing please respond to this email and ask us to switch you back to CC.

We also have credit card storage enabled and ready to use. Simple pay or add your CC at anytime through the client portal and your good to go for all future CC payments of invoices.

Note: Any customer who "had" their CC information stored for future payments, you will unfortunately have to log into the Client portal and re-enter those details as they were lost when we switched processors.

Currently supported cards are; Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover card

This new Credit Card processing system also allow's us to accept any future payment over-the-phone!! So if you're out and want to pay, Call us Up!!

PayPal Automated Billing Agreements

If you prefer PayPal then we have a brand new feature that we think you'll love. We now offer fully automated PayPal billing agreements. A PayPal billing agreement is kind of like storing your Credit Card for future payments, but with your PayPal account. Simply select this new payment method and PayPal will ask you for your authorization. Then all future invoices that are generated will be paid immediately through your PayPal account on due date.

It's kind of like PayPal subscriptions but better. It's not a subscription for one single product alone, but all future pruchases and generated invoices.

If you currently have PayPal subscriptions turned on for a single product, we suggest setting up automated billing instead. Our automated billing configuration screen will automatically disable any subscriptions you have already made once setup. To setup automated billing through PayPal please follow this link below once logged in:


Once logged in to the client area go to that link above and click on the setup button. This will, as stated, disable any current product subscriptions and enable automated billing for all future invoices. Quick and easy and you never have to worry about missing a payment again!

What's to come in 2015?

Microtronix has a lot of things in the works for this new year. Here is a list of just some of the new things coming in 2015:


A cPanel backup system fully automated for any cPanel hosted account at any host anywhere in the world! This will allow you to setup backups to any FTP or email server through a single panel for all your cPanel hosting accounts anywhere.

KVM Fair Share Servers

We are launching a new KVM type VPS hosting that is totally 100% fair share! Basically this means a single server with only 4 to 6 max VPS units on it ever, ever! That means no abuse of the node, dedicated Cores and ram, and more space and bandwidth than you know what to do with. Each node comes with 1Gbps port, so you'll never run out of Bandwidth nor Speed!

Imagine having a Fully featured Intel server without paying Xeon prices! Pay for a VPS but get a Xeon server!

Bitcoin Subscriptions

You read right, this year we are rolling out our Bitcoin subscription type system! This will allow you to pay via Bitcoin as close as possible to a real subscription system.

We hope to have this Bitcoin subscription payment system ready by mid-year at the latest. Be on the lookout for future emails to all Bitcoin paying customers offering this new subscription system.

These are just a few of the things to come in this new year 2015. Make sure to be on the lookout for future emails launching our new product lines and payment processing systems.

We wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous new year!

Joel DeVenney / CEO
Microtronix ESolutions

Thursday, January 8, 2015

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