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Updated 2-9-2024

All outgoing SMTP ports are blocked by default for all IP ranges that Microtronix owns and operates, we individually allow certain IPs outgoing SMTP access for sending mail, legitimate reasons only will be considered. We do this to protect our IP range from abusers.

If you wish to send legitimate email from your server or have a shared hosting or vps service for legitimate email needs, you must open a support ticket requesting access to outgoing mail from your IP range.

This is on a server-by-server basis, NOT an account basis, meaning if you have 3 servers, you have to individually request this for each server/IP, multiple tickets, and explanations will be required for each server in question. All requests will be reviewed manually, and are at the sole discretion of management if they are accepted or not, you MUST provide a full reason for needing SMTP, without this the request will be rejected. For your request to even be considered you must provide us with a reason that you need outgoing SMTP.

We DO NOT allow hosting mailing lists, mass mailing of any kind other than invoices from a billing panel, newsletters, etc. from our servers or IP ranges. There are services out there for this need, so we don't offer it! Legitimate reasons might include, but are not limited to; Shared hosting server for websites to send contact forms, intranet software needing to send invoices or forms to users, business email for domain (NOT MASS MAILING, NO NEWSLETTERS!), etc. For some of these reasons, you WILL be required to provide evidence to the statements and your request to gain access.

Again, the yes or no final say is at the sole discretion of management when you open a ticket, if they deem you as high risk for spam, your request will be denied. No exceptions whatsoever to this ruling, you may open a new ticket and request again at a later date if you are denied, max requests once every 60 days per server, and you must provide new evidence to support your claims to zero spam if denied/rejected initial requests.

NOTICE: If, after being allowed outgoing SMTP, you receive too many abuse complaints against your server, you will be blocked again and no longer can appeal the decision, with no exceptions!

This might seem like a hassle, yes it will be, we are doing this for a reason. Anyone sending legitimate email from their servers will take the time to make a request, and prove it to our staff. Spammers and those abusing the network will not. This will help keep our network clean from abusive email, and allow free delivery of email for those who are sending legitimate email.

This policy does not apply to anyone bringing your own IPs (BYOIP) and announcing (BGP) them from our network, this only applies to subnets Microtronix owns.

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