Bitpay back online

Bitpay, our Bitcoin online payment system is now back online and working. The bitpay company just went through 5 days of straight DDoS attack's in the range of 65Gbps attack's. This was a horrendous attack and took down their network connection's completely. During this time all bitpay payment's were offline.Bitpay has since fixed this, knocked ... Read More »

19th Sep 2012
.ORG Price Increase

As you may be aware, a few months ago PIR (the registry that handles .ORG) increased its pricing to the registrars as allowed by its contract with ICANN.We did not increase our pricing straight away as we wanted to see if we could fully absorb the increase, now a couple of months have passed and weighing up the figures we will need to increase the ... Read More »

5th Sep 2012
Xen VPS Unit's

We have now launched a full line of Xen VPS unit's at OpenVZ price's! Go to order now to view our price's and spec's on Xen VPS Unit's!

16th Jul 2012
VPS Server Price Drop

We have lowered price's on our extra IP's for mVPS server's class VPS unit's. Now for $2 a month you can have additional IP's for your VPS server's.

14th Jul 2012
New Automatic Bitcoin Payment Option

Microtronix is now using Bit-Pay to automate it's bitcoin payment option's.  This will allow user's who want to pay with bitcoin's to get up to the second bitcoin exchange rates and pay using their favorite currency.

12th May 2012
New Order's Back Online!

During the past two weeks we have been performing a major upgrade to all our server's at the Datacenter. For this reason all new order's were put on hold for the time being. We are happy to announce as of today all upgrade's are done and new order's are back online!

15th Mar 2012
BTC Auto Payment

We now offer BitCoin automatic payment processing for those paying with BitCoins.

2nd Aug 2011
New Currency

Microtronix is happy to announce we now accept BitCoin currency for all our products!  To use this new currency please choose your currency above the product lists before adding it to your cart.

30th Jun 2011
Upgraded Billing Options

To better serve our clients we have upgraded our billings options and support.  You will notice this new upgrade at first upon entering the client site.  Hope you enjoy it.

7th Oct 2010
Planned Maintenance Window

This is to inform you about an upcoming maintenance window that is planned. Below is more information about when, where and why the maintenance window will take place.WHEN: Saturday, August 21st 2010 | Start time: 10:30 PM EST - 7:00AM EST *Please note that the above maintenance window is only a timeframe and if possible we will complete the ... Read More »

18th Aug 2010

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