OpenVZ - New renewal intervals

Microtronix is now offering multiple renewal intervals for it's OpenVZ VPS line. We now not only offer our standard monthly billing option but we also now offer every 3 months, 6 months or 12 months as a billing option for OpenVZ VPS units. We are hoping to also offer these same billing time frames for Xen units shortly.

15th Feb 2014
Stripe Credit card Payments

Microtronix is now offering Credit Card payments through the Stripe API system! For those that do not like using Paypal or Google Checkout for any reason we offer you to try out Stripe for CC processing.https://www.stripe.comStripe also allows you to setup AUTOMATIC recurring payments using your valid Credit Card.Please NOTE: ABSOLUTELY ZERO ... Læs mere »

5th Jan 2013
DataCenter Take down Attempt

Yesterday Thu. the 1st of Nov. 2012 at around 5 PM Chicago time our datacenter was hit with a massive DDoS attack which was then followed by a brute force Solus API hack attempt. The DDoS took us offline just long enough to let our defense down, after which they hit full force with an API brute force on Solus. The sole purpose of this attack was ... Læs mere »

2nd Nov 2012
Bitpay back online

Bitpay, our Bitcoin online payment system is now back online and working. The bitpay company just went through 5 days of straight DDoS attack's in the range of 65Gbps attack's. This was a horrendous attack and took down their network connection's completely. During this time all bitpay payment's were offline.Bitpay has since fixed this, knocked ... Læs mere »

19th Sept 2012
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